lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

Cds Available

Hello Everyone
I have albums available right now for anyone who is interested

-Cosmic Joke is a full length album made available over the last year - Rolling Stone has described it as "vague and unambitious....lacking anything  that would make me want to say positive things about it...I would buy it for a laugh though"

 1.) Beyonder 2.)  Impending Sound 3.)  Futile 4.)  Hopeless 5.) Hegira 6.) Vortex
7.) RobThePastFeedtheFuture 8.) Relapse 9.) Debt 10.) Selfish 11.) So Long 12.) OhWhyOhWhyOhWhy

-BackwardsOnwards is a 30 minute long EP featuring my newest material - The gentlemen from Spin and Pitchfork got together over some martinis to say this about it "What garbage... motherfucker can't even tune his guitar properly...anyway...where were we?...mmmmmm...oh god, I feel so lost and empty...what have I become?"

1.) Petal 2.) False Bypass 3.) Turning 4.) Everything Happens by Chance 5.) Voice of Everything
7.) Only Now 8.) Mia

Both albums feature printed label CDRS and hand drawn covers.  Each one is unique.

Albums Available

Thanks so much for the support, I truly appreciate it and it enables me to keep making music!


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